Plattsburgh FC Featured on Technefutbol for Total Club Hours Trained

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(1) How have you implemented using Techne with your group? ⬇️
“We started it with a single team membership in 2017-2018, then upgraded to a club-wide membership for the past two seasons. We put a big emphasis on getting all team members registered, then it is up to each coach to encourage Techne usage outside of normal team training.

(2) How do you feel Techne helps your players develop? ⬇️
“Techne provides critical individual time with the ball which in turn gives our players a better first touch, bigger field vision, and much more confidence in possession and 1v1 situations.”
(3) How does Techne help you as a coach/manager to inspire your players in their training? ⬇️
“Techne helps our coaches to provide a highly visual, easy to follow, and competitive way for their players to get useful technical training at their own speed.

(4) What would you suggest to other groups interested in using Techne? ⬇️ “Make sure to sell your coaches on the value of Techne training before your launch it within your club, as they will be your biggest advocates and motivators to increase individual usage.”

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